Web Design

Web Design

Creating Instant Engagement and Interest

It is no longer enough to simply construct a website and use a modicum of SEO to appear for the right searches. It is now increasingly vital to understand what happens to your visitors when they land on your site. Can they find key information quickly and easily? Does your site deliver your sales messages in an exciting format? And above all is your site visually appealing?

At Quickfire Digital we understand the marriage of web design, development and copywriting. On every site we produce these elements are seamlessly combined to generate a cohesive presentation that immediately demands the attention of your visitors – and effectively delivers your sales messages.

If you want to compete on the internet for online enquiries and sales it is essential that your website is of the required standard. People form instant opinions about your business based on your digital marketing materials. Make sure they get the ideal first impression.

Effective headline sections

You have 5 seconds to engage any visitor landing on your website. Ensure that you grab the interest of your audience and deploy your key messages the moment your page is loaded.

Simple layout sections

Move beyond wall of text sections and create exciting and eye-catching sections that use pull-outs, sub-headlines, facts and figures, and quotations to help your audience understand the why in your business.

Site framework

The layout of your site is vital to the user experience. Visitors will be able to quickly access the knowledge they need with our simple and intuitive site layouts, frameworks and navigation tools.

Access all types of branding and company identity services alongside our design work. If you have an existing logo or colour palette that’s a recognised facet of your business, then we incorporate this into your website profile to maintain a consistent appearance across all your media.


We recommend the right images to accompany your content.

Descriptive elements

Visual representations of company information.

Clear pathways

Design highlights the next step for customers on a page.

Visually stimulating

Clear design presenting a professional image.