Generating Sales through Digital Channels

The differentiation between online outlets and the high street is now disappearing. Businesses that once looked to footfall and retail displays are now positioning their products through sites like eBay, Amazon and Shopify. How can you take advantage of the digital sales arena?

Quickfire Digital has the knowledge and expertise

We help develop a digital sales strategy that accommodates the full demands of your business. Using your website as the central platform for your e-Commerce activities, we streamline the user experience to enable visitors to easily find their chosen products and supporting information.

Seamless and intuitive shopping

We provide you with the full functionality you need to create a seamless and intuitive shopping site that guides your audience throughout the site. Once your site has been set up we provide customer experience analytics to demonstrate where confusion could be stopping you from making a sale.

Secure Checkout

Point of sale software

Securely process transactions leading payment
processors protecting your customers from identity fraud. Use shopping carts and checkout systems that are becoming increasingly familiar to all customers.

E-Commerce Specialists

Enhancement plug-ins

From rotational 360 degree product viewers through to set templates for ingredients or components, we find the right tools to help enhance your audience experience – delivering the information necessary to make a buying decision.

e-commerce website development

Proven industry software

We use established and trusted e-Commerce
management systems that are specifically designed to integrate with our websites such as Woo-commerce or our custom shopping cart, giving you access to a universally recognised system that’s simple to update.

At Quickfire Digital we understand that your catalogue of products is constantly changing and therefore needs regular updates. To reduce your management fees you can access a number of additional services designed to streamline your internal use of your e-Commerce platform.

Easy updates

Simply add new photographs and products to your site

Staff training

Helping you understand on-site sales and billing information.

Additional channels

Assisting you in working with other e-commerce sites.

Content marketing

Creating social media to announce new products.