Custom Development

Custom Development 

A square peg needs a square hole, not a round one.

Your USP can make you stand out from the competition but can also make it difficult for off-the-shelf software to suit your needs. Our agile work method also means updates come small and often allowing us to adapt and change things together.

Get the best out of your Business

We can help you maximise your productivity and streamline your company. We sit with you to carefully work out your ideal solution and needs that is intuitive to your users and staff and fits into your existing workflows.

Returns on Investments

From bespoke accountancy quotation systems with hundreds of variables to simple marketing campaign management platforms, the returns on investment are often in orders of magnitude not percentage.

The process is fairly simple

Coupling your industry knowledge with our technical expertise we:

Kings Lynn Web Design


We’ll go through your needs, wants and desires together to map out the best phases of the project. 

West Norfolk Web Design


An initial build and then short bursts, to make sure the project is moving in the right direction making the important changes.


Automated and manual testing to make sure everything works.


Tie things into your existing workflow without major changes to them.


Telephone or email, we are there for you as you or your users need guidance and advice


Examine the project, is it meeting its goals? What are the bottlenecks?